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    How you benefit:

    We generate phone calls directly to your office.
    The call is monitored with a software that determines if the call is an actual lead.
    You receive a weekly invoice for the calls you have received. If you don’t get any relevant calls you don’t get an invoice.

    How we do it:

    We do your keyword research and competitive analysis.
    We manage your ads and only get paid for your leads – We only win, when you win.
    You put up the ad spend (typically around 1000€) many agencies charge an additional retainer for managing the ad spend, but we only charge when you get a lead!

    Why work with us:

    Get clients to call you live on the phone when they need your services.
    You don’t need to invest in SEO.
    You don’t need a good looking webpage.

    Most google searches today is done directly from a phone, when your add pops up with a simple call to action (giving you a phone call) the path of least resistance for your customer is to call you instead of keep browsing the internet.

    More and more searches are done with Alexa and Google assistant inclining the user to call you directly without visiting your website.

    Don’t pay a monthly retainer fee for having your ads managed.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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    Q: What does it mean that I have to put up the ad spent?

    A: We will broadcast your ads on google. Google charges a fee for this service, but you only pay when somebody clicks on your ad. You only pay us at Rasmussen Marketing when someone gives you a relevant call.

    Q: How do you decide if a call is relevant?

    A: A call is relevant if the customers says words like: “appointment”, “consultation” or other words that we agree upon in the Terms of Conditions. When you receive your invoice every week you have 3 business days to dispute any call.

    Q: Will I be charged if a Customer makes an inquiry of a service I do not provide?

    A: No.

    Q: What if I want to stop working with you?

    A: You can always send me an e-mail and you only pay for the calls you got up to that point.

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